Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse

Investigation Committee

Framework of Procedures –Availability of Resources

The Framework of Procedures published by the Investigation Committee on 8th November 2002 took account of the volume and complexity of the allegations to be inquired into by the Investigation Committee and the necessity to conduct the inquiry in the most timely and cost efficient manner consistent with the entitlement of Complainants to a fair hearing and the rights of Respondents against whom allegations are made to defend their reputations and to fair hearings. The implementation of the procedures envisaged in that document was predicated on the Minister for Education and Science acceding to a request for sufficient resources to enable the Investigation Committee to conduct its hearings through four divisions working simultaneously preparing for hearings and hearing modules.

The Commission has been informed that its request for additional resources has been granted. The Commission has also been informed that the Government has decided to engage in a process of reviewing the operation and remit of the Commission and, in particular, of the Investigation Committee. Pending such review, the Commission is to carry out its existing statutory remit.


The granting of the request for additional resources enables the Investigation Committee to finalise the Framework of Procedures. The Investigation Committee has received a wide range of submissions from persons and bodies involved in the process in relation to the proposed procedures. It will finalise the procedures, having given due consideration to the submissions, early in 2003.